A Hipster’s Guide To Prague’s Holešovice

Photo: © Dox

With its numerous art galleries, cocktails served in jam jars, and vintage boutiques; Holešovice is what may be described as Prague’s hipster haven. If you’re looking for something less mainstream, then this ex-industrial meatpacking district is definitely one you want to take note of. We’ve given the area a twirl, and here’s what we’ve discovered.

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is one of the top places to see and be seen at. Take a leisurely stroll along the various exhibitions and galleries that are constantly refreshed to highlight the influential social impact of art. The colours of famous street artists Pasta Oner and Jan Kaláb coat the building’s exterior façade, while exhibitions ranging from China’s cultural oppression to the role of art in children’s literature line the inside halls. There’s also a great museum shop specialising in a wide selection of books and contemporary design souvenirs.

And speaking of souvenirs, if you’re looking to take back something beautiful for the home, then head down to Loooox located along Osadní 35. Housed within a trendy office block, this design shop offers a selection of hip home essentials which include rugged wooden pallets that have been repurposed into elegant shelves, slick concrete lamps and a number of textiles and fabrics amongst others. If you’re on the lookout for something more homely, then we’d suggest dropping by Kido, which aims to encourage sustainability and community awareness within the urban landscape. You can even enjoy a light lunch once you’re there, with a vegetarian menu that includes an apple strudel and homemade quiche.

If it’s still too early for lunch, then wander along to the Holešovice Market and join residents as they bustle along narrow alleyways. Be sure to swing by the farmer’s market, which is open every day between Monday and Saturday, and savour some of the most authentic food products the city has to offer.

And for a perfectly hipster afternoon, stroll along to Letná Park and enjoy a frosty pint with a view at its beer garden. Mostly popular during the summer months, this vibrant joint offers unparalleled views over the steepled Old Town of Prague. But be warned, finding a table might be slightly harder than you imagined, so you need to act swiftly if you plan on securing a spot for the long haul! As the evening draws in, walk down to Bio Oko, the district’s independent single-screen cinema. This place offers a superb combination of blockbuster hits, arthouse films, and a great café and bar that makes it an increasingly popular hangout for students and young professionals.