The Panorama is in the new part of Prague, but the Old Town is only 20 minutes away by metro subway. I stayed there for four days while attending a conference in the hotel. The hotel is new and clean; there are four fast elevators; the staff are efficient and polite; there’s a wet bar and a coffee maker in each bedroom; and I found the dining experience there to be first-class. The front desk staff were quick, polite, and efficient. It has a wellness & fitness center on the top floor, but I didn’t have a chance to visit it.

The hotel is near a modern shopping mall, through which you can access the underground metro rail. That system is easy to use, like the Boston subway: it has four lines, color-coded. Maps of the stops on each line show you which stop you’re at, so you can choose which side of the platform to wait on for the train that takes you to your stop.

I plan to make reservations at the Panorama again whenever I get a chance to return to Prague.