Buffet style business lunch

Soup, a choice of two main courses, salad bar, soft drink, dessert and coffee or tea

– No waiting time

– Spacious capacity

– Quality ingredients

– Book 9 and get 1 lunch free off charge


Monday – Friday in Mezzo restaurant
11:30am – 1:30pm


We can also offer dinner as part of a longer-term arrangement. Employers may pay by invoice (in full or in part) as a benefit for their team.
We accept payments with Sodexo Gastro Pass Card / Phone App.

For more information, please don´t hesitate to contact us on fbm@panoramahotelprague.com

174 CZK


– Poultry creamy soup

– South Indian beef, steamed rice

– Grilled Tilapia in herbs pesto, baked potatoes

– Gnocchi with tomato & basil sauce


– Beef broth with vegetables

– Pan-fried minced meat patties, potato purér

– Pork belly with dark beer gravy, cabbage, dumplings

– Sweet buns, Vanilla sauce


– Minestrone

– Chicken schnitzel, boiled potatoes, lemon

– Pork goulash „Debrecin style“, pasta

– Cauliflower & eggs ragout


– Chicken consommé

– Braised beef, sauce Svíčková, bread dumplings

– Smoked pork meat & pasta, gherkin

– Vegetable bulgur with fried onion


– Vegetable cream soup

– Chicken steak marinated in fresh herbs, croquettes

– Chilli con Carne, steamed rice

– Gratinated broccoli with Parmesan cheese

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