Allow yourself to be soothed and pampered with the help of our attentive, professional staff while you choose from among our wide range of spa and beauty treatments to complete your relaxation experience.

Massage services include:

Back and neck deep tissue massage - Office therapy

A special combination of moves and touches that relieve tension in the back, neck, shoulder muscles, lumbar spine, and in the longer variant and upper extremities. Office massage is suitable for those who have a sedentary job. After talking with a therapist you can also select the technique without the use of oil - pressure massage using the Bowen therapy or elements of Thai traditional massage.

Swedish massage

Serves to induce perfect relaxation of muscles, helps to improve blood circulation and promotes regenerative capacity of the body. Different types of massage techniques focus on specific body parts or the whole body. The therapist meets your needs - focuses on the back, legs, feet, hands, face, head or neck.

Anti-stress relaxing massage

Gentler form of Swedish massage pampers you with a pleasant pressure, making finer touches. We focus on working with the energies of the body and the wonderful feeling of a smooth performance of the massage. During the massage, you can determine for yourself in which body part you feel the most accumulated stress and therefore where you want us to focus the most.

Hot lava stone massage

Discover the magic of luxurious massage with hot lava stones, which perfectly warms the body and gets you into total relaxation. Lava stones are warmed up in a water bath and the massage helps to remove blockages and stimulate the energy in your body. Even long after the massage you will feel the beneficial heat. To increase the effect of massage we use exotic scented oils that amplify the magic of massage.

Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian massage is a magical sensory experience. This massage technique involves continuous, rhythmic motion using fingers, palms, forearms and elbows. It may resemble the feeling of soft waves moving across the body. This massage removes a large amount of physical and energy blockages and re-harmonizes the body.

Massage with body peeling

Massage with body peeling of your choice. Comprehensive restorative body care, combined with the unique massage. Peeling removes dead skin cells, restores the skin and prepares you for the following healthy oil massage with moisturizing effects. Massage revitalizes your tired body and releases nerve and muscle tension. Your skin will be silky smooth and healthier looking. A pleasant aroma contributes to perfect relaxation.
You can choose from different types of peeling: cane sugar, coffee, coconut and sea salt

Luxurious aroma massage PANORAMA

Special aromatherapy massage assembled to fit your body and your needs. It is a combination of the best techniques and touches, that our therapist can offer. An unforgettable experience for the senses, during which warm oils are used, aromatherapy and for example silk scarves for sensual enjoyment. Spoil yourself with uniqueness and luxury.

For reservations, please contact Top Deck reception on +420 261 164 791 or via email top.deck@panoramahotelprague.com.

Hair and Cosmetic Salon:

We offer complete hair and make-up services if guests require a pre-party or event make over. In the salon we only use top of the range French cosmetics from Maria Galland and leading hair products by Wella for the ultimate luxury experience. For reservations, please contact us on +420 261 168 681 or ask at the hotel concierge.



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